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Given my interest in rock ‘n’ roll and vintage rock music, this site was established to help promote the findings of my research into their origins, namely blues and all the musical strains that contributed to the blues, genesis of so many forms of popular American music.

Out of my research came two pictorial eBooks, ‘How Blues Evolved – Volume One’ and ‘How Blues Evolved – Volume Two’ (each downloaded for a song on Amazon). 

Combining and expanding the eBooks resulted in the BIG (11.5 inches by 8 inches) 390-page pictorial paperback, ‘America’s Gift: the Untold Story of How Blues Evolved’, available by clicking on the book’s cover, bottom left. Take a free look inside while you’re there.

Get a taste of what’s in my books by choosing from the posts above, or check my archives, right, for over 225 historic blues and vintage rock stories. They’re indexed under the Explore Archives button, top.

And if you want to know why I write about the blues, instead of playing the blues, the video below might help explain.

Of all America’s creative gifts to the world, does anything touch us more than the music we have called blues since it was first named in 1912?

Rock’n’roll, beat, old school R&B, blues rock, hard rock, plain old rock, soul, funk, jazz, metal and pop are just some of the captivating musical genres to have rocked and rolled out of the blues, parent of all modern American music.

For lovers of popular music, how can blues not be America’s greatest gift to the world?

Preview here:  America’s Gift