Earliest Electric Guitar Blues.

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When did rock & roll get hip again?

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Shein Die: the mystery photographer keeping blues alive

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Birth of the Blues/Rock Guitar hero.

Electric blues and rock guitar heroes … do they still exist, or are they relics of the past, now most possible note combinations and innovations have long been worked out? That’s not a question I feel I'm qualified to comment on, subjectivity being the main influence...
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Muddy on Stones. Keith on Muddy.

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Choose from the five posts above, or check the archives on the right for over 200 historic blues and rock stories. Click ‘Browse Archives’ on the top bar to access your index, and ‘Why America’s Gift’ to get the lowdown on my book of the same name. America’s Gift is BIG 390-page volume that finally puts all you want to know about American music’s long evolution into 20th century blues and rock & roll … into just one book.

Below is our video for May 2017. It features some of the best aerial footage of America available plus a great driving electric blues soundtrack.

“Of all America’s creative gifts to the world, does any touch humanity more than the captivating music we call the blues?

Rock’n’roll, old school R&B, rock, soul, funk, jazz, metal and pop are some of the musical genres that have rolled out of the blues. It is the mother of all American music.

For lovers of popular music, how can blues not be one of America’s greatest gifts to the world?”

Paul Merry, author of America’s Gift. To order, click here:  America’s Gift