Some forgotten Chicago Blues.

Here’s my fourth film on Original Chicago Blues. I totally forgot to upload it. Here is the missing fourth film from my series about the original era of Chicago Blues – the era BEFORE those iconic bluesmen Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker and company burst onto the blues scene in the 1950s. Actually, ‘burst… Continue reading Some forgotten Chicago Blues.

A Kinky Sunny Afternoon.

It’s hardly rock ’n’ roll but we liked it. The first time I heard the Kinks, I didn’t know what struck me. Well, yes I did – probably the first power chords I’d ever heard; and they made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and start head-banging. It was high summer… Continue reading A Kinky Sunny Afternoon.

First lady of bass

Don’t you just love thumping bass lines, bass lines that punch you in the guts, slap you around the head and slam you up against the wall. Scotland’s Jack Bruce, with that cream of rock power trios, Cream, it seems to me, was first to crank up the bass into another dimension. Jack Bruce was… Continue reading First lady of bass

Working for the Beatles’ man

R.I.P. Tony Barrow, press officer extraordinaire. I heard that one of my old bosses died this week. He was Tony Barrow, the Beatles press officer from 1962 to 1968, the man who famously coined the term ‘Fab Four’.   Paul McCartney was quick to pay tribute, tweeting: “Tony Barrow was a lovely guy who helped… Continue reading Working for the Beatles’ man

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John Mayall’s favorite Bluesbreaker guitarists

You won’t believe who’s second. John Mayall is a true blues phenomenon – an extraordinarily dedicated carrier of the blues torch. He was one of the very first to introduce electric blues onto the English music scene. Indeed, Mayall’s legendary bands, including his famous Bluesbreakers, influenced blues musicians across the UK and Europe from 1963 onwards. Now nudging an impressive 83… Continue reading John Mayall’s favorite Bluesbreaker guitarists

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Name rock’s golden year?

He says 1971. But what’s your golden year? I’ve often though 1971 was a bit of a high spot when it came to rock, but now it’s been confirmed: sort of. According to an English rock journalist with four decades in the music business under his belt, more influential albums were released in 1971 than… Continue reading Name rock’s golden year?