UPDATE 2 October 2014. AC/DC’s management today confirmed Malcolm Young has dementia and has left the band. This post’s headline, therefore, changes from “Will Malcolm Young’s doppelganger replace him in AC/DC?” to the affirmative. 

AC/DC also confirmed that Malcolm’s nephew, Stevie Young, replaced his uncle on the band’s latest album, “Rock or Bust”, due out on 2 December 2014 and will promote the album during AC/DC’s world tour next year. 

Malcolm Young’s nephew Stevie Young

AC/DC now in a Canadian studio preparing for their next album, together with Grammy-winning
producer Brendan O’Brian, comes news of a possible replacement for founding
guitarist Malcolm Young.

The hole left by
Malcolm’s premature retirement through illness is being filled, in the studio
at least, by his nephew, Stevie Young. Stevie, son of Malcolm and Angus Young’s
elder brother, Steven, is said to be Malcolm’s physical and musical double. But
Stevie’s no kid, however.

At 57, Stevie Young’s
rock pedigree includes The Stabbers, Prowler and Tantrum, all formed in
Scotland; and new wave English heavy metal band, Starfighters, from Birmingham.
(See WEAK13 post in archives.) Stevie’s also had albums produced by Uncle
Malcolm and stood in for him on rhythm guitar during AC/DC’s 1988 tour to
promote their ‘Blow Up Your Video’ album. Such was the resemblance, most fans were
said not to notice the difference.

Last month (April 2014)
Stevie formed a blues band called Blue Murda and was joined on guitar by son,
Angus Young, the great nephew of AC/DC’s Angus Young.

Quite a family business
the Youngs have developed over the decades, thankfully.