Check the operatic talent of this amazing nine-year-old

I’m a few months late getting onto this one, but since this is primarily a
blues and rock blog, I’m sure you’ll understand why I missed this amazing piece of
television history that took place in December last year. If you missed it too, and you appreciate good music regardless of genre, I’m sure you’ll delight in this. To me, it puts Susan Boyle’s TV singing debut totally, unequivocally,
in the shade.
The following link features
one of the most phenomenal young talents I’ve ever seen: a nine-year-old

Holland’s nine-year-old opera sensation, Amira Willighagen

girl called
Amira Willighagen, who recently won the Dutch TV contest, “Holland’s Got Talent”,
with this performance of Puccini’s famous aria, Nessum Dorma.

Even if you hate opera
you just have to be impressed by Amira’s performance. Even more so when you
consider that opera singers usually tend to grow into their voices as they mature. I always
remember the Welsh mezzo-soprano, Katherine Jenkins, saying a few years ago
that her voice wasn’t ready for opera yet, and Katherine’s now in her 30s. This
little starlet is nine. Nine! Apparently, the video of her qualifying heat in October last year went viral to the tune of 13 million hits. If you’ve the
time to watch all the preamble that goes before another phenomenal performance by Amera, here’s the link to that, too.