Down To Friend: party boys from Texas. Check their video link below

the wake of my spiel on Great Blues City No 4, Dallas, Texas, comes news of a hot
new alternative band from the home of J.R. Well, they’re new to me anyway: a
crazy six-piece outfit from the Dallas suburb of Plano called, Down To Friend, who
describe their sound as pop/punk/electronic/core … you name it. For want of a
better description, the best I can come up with is WEAK13 meets Green Day.

Judging from their
latest video, Down To Friend are a band who like to party with the best of
them. They cite their influences as “anything that has to do with partying” and
have just released an apt song called “I Forgot The Weekend”. I could swear
cheeky cockney comedian/fledgling movie star, Russell Brand, was in the band;
but I think that’s their guitarist, Roger. DTF’s other guitarist is James Littleton, aka Jimbo, (with the reddish hair) who promised to
love me forever if I checked out their new video.
Well, I have, and it’s
great: full of hardcore rock, chundering and lots of chuckles. Here’s the link:
“I Forgot The Weekend” by Down To Friend. Enjoy it.
Down To Friend obviously
party so hard they forget to give their full names in their credits. This is
they: Randy on Vox, Roger and Jimbo on guitars, Kris on drums, SX on what is
described as brutal Vox/electronics/keys and Danny “The Wolf Dick” on bass.