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BluesMuse42. My mate and music connoisseur, Carl Sabo, 

A young Jools Holland, left, and Dr John

sent this clip to me today from Melbourne, Australia.

In the tradition of the famous 1940s boogie woogie piano duets featuring Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson, the clip features a young Jools Holland from London and a young(ish) Dr. John from New Orleans. 
Both, of course, are now legends in their own lifetimes.
Just click on the links below to experience boogie piano playing at its best.
First, watch two piano-playing pioneers of rock & roll in their boogie woogie pomp in the 1940s on the link below.
 Nearest the camera you’ll see Albert Ammons, who earlier recorded what must be the world’s first rock & roll record, Boogie Woogie Stomp, in 1936. The other guy is Pete Johnson who cut the world’s second rock & roll record, Roll Em Pete, with Big Joe Turner, two years later in 1938.

Now watch Jools and Dr John on the link below.