Hot on the heels of HOW BLUES EVOLVED Volume One comes HOW BLUES EVOLVED Volume Two, finished in bordello red so you can distinguish between the two.

Like Vol 1, packed with photographs.

Packed with photographs, just like Volume One, HOW BLUES EVOLVED Volume Two takes you from the turn of the twentieth century, through the blues era, to the birth of rock & roll. It’s full of the birth of electric guitar blues, and so on, finishing just before the Chicago blues scene of the 1950s. This is simply because most blues fans know all about those famous years. You don’t want me repeating it.
As for Volume One (the book with the blue cover), that takes you from the dawn of time to the twentieth century. And since most blues histories insist blues only started in the late 1890s, you might be interested to read how I managed to fill a whole book blues evolution up to the 1890s.
As South Carolina’s The Cradle of Jazz Project says on its website: “From the end of the dances
at Congo Square (before the Civil War) to the beginning of jazz, there is a
black hole of less than 50 years when the old West African music slowly turned
into the new music of America”.

For your edification, HOW BLUES EVOLVED Volume One addresses this
particular ‘black hole’ and other gaps in our understanding of how the
traditional music of Africa, with not inconsiderable input from white
Americans, the British and other nations, became the blues we know today.  
But this is HOW BLUES EVOLVED Volume Two’s debut announcement, so we’ll say no more about Volume One and simply tell you that in Volume Two, blues history begins to rock.

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