Revenge of the Zombies

“Honored to be quoted at the end of this article.” John Scott G, Los Angeles, USA, 29 July 2014. The Zombies’ Odessey and Oracle album sleeve Have you ever noticed the famous “Odessey and Oracle” album by the Zombies contains a spelling mistake? As a copywriter, I sympathise, having suffered similarly, when clients and… Continue reading Revenge of the Zombies

Glastonbury’s just too posh, says Iron Maiden

I’m pleased to report blues and blues-rock is being reasonably well-represented at this year’s “sold How Glastonbury looks from the air. Over 100,000 will attend out” Glastonbury music festival, kicking off tomorrow (Wednesday June 25). Before the festival started in 1970, you might be interested to know Glastonbury’s main claim to fame was the visit… Continue reading Glastonbury’s just too posh, says Iron Maiden

Forgotten electric blues guitar great from 1952.

Updated 20 July 2019. Check Lee Cooper’s electric blues guitar from 67 years ago. One of the purposes of this blog is to draw attention to exceptional musicians – blues or otherwise – who for some reason, often the passage of time, have been virtually forgotten. My most recent “discovery” is Lee Cooper, not the British jeans… Continue reading Forgotten electric blues guitar great from 1952.

Great blues cities. London.

UPDATED 15 November 2016 Apologies for the layout. Being transferred from another site, it is very resistant to formatting. “Cor blimey, guv’! Old London tarn a blues city? We ain’t Septics yet!”, cackled the black cab driver, as cockney as they come. I’d just put the question to him on my way to watch London garage blues band, the  Jim Jones Review,… Continue reading Great blues cities. London.