Blues’ filthy forgotten ancestor

Updated 30 August 2017 EXCLUSIVE. How blue American sea shanties led to filthy rugby songs and, unbelievably, blues. Two Rugby players say ‘hello’ before an evening of beer and communal sing song.    For some reason, the most read item since my blog started on blogspot four years ago – by tens of thousands of hits –… Continue reading Blues’ filthy forgotten ancestor

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The Bloody Nerve rise from the ashes with Taste

UPDATED JUNE 28 2016 The Bloody Nerve’s Stacey Blood, left, and Laurie Ann Layne What a bloody terrible year 2014 was for the Nashville-based blues-rock duo, The Bloody Nerve. The home of guitarist Stacey Blood and singer Laurie Ann Lyne, their possessions and the Nerve’s carefully-constructed recording studio were all totally destroyed by fire. And… Continue reading The Bloody Nerve rise from the ashes with Taste