Sorry to impose a plug for my new book on you here, folks, but it’s finally available on the Amazon links below and I can’t contain my excitement.
Getting all those old blues photographs and illustrations,
many of them quite rare, into Kindle format, has been like trying to stuff an elephant into a mouse hole: virtually impossible. The number of pics, plus all the fascinating (to me anyway) new information I have uncovered, meant the book had to be split into two volumes. 
Having been a blues fan from the days I spent 7/6 to watch the original Rolling Stones (see blog above), I thought I knew a lot about the genre. Only after researching this book did I discover just how much I didn’t know. Follow the links below and have a look inside. Hopefully, it will stimulate your interest.
This first book takes us from year dot to the turn of the twentieth century. Volume Two follows soon. 

To read the first two chapters FREE please follow the links below.

Download your free Kindle app for PCs on their eBook site while you’re there. (Will find out about Macs.) Or scroll down for a taste of blues’ incredible history.