The minuscule YZ of blues. The final two letters of the AMERICA’S Gift index, plus some numbers. 

A Ziegfeld girl


Why is AMERICA’S Gift’s YZ index so brief? 

It goes to show just how few people, places and songs, in the blues lexicon, begin with Y or Z.

Virginia Liston’s raunchy old blues song ‘You’ve Got The Right Key, But The Wrong Keyhole’ is one of the very few songs featured. It was released in 1924.

Why not take a listen:

And, at the very top, is a pic of a Ziegfeld Follies girl. The Follies were a white review that made history in America by including the black vaudevillian Bert Williams in its ranks in 1910.


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Here’s the Y & Z AMERICA’S Gift index

Yardbirds, The (band): 318.

A very young Yardbirds. That’s Clapton, 2nd left
Yazoo City: 300-301, 312, 162.
Yes (band): 167.
York, Pete: 277.
Yoruba (Nigeria) people: 20, 50.
Young, Lester: 294.
You’ve Been a Good old Wagon
(Daddy) But You Done Broke Down: 119-121, 127, 153.
You’ve Got the Right Key, but the Wrong
Keyhole: 233.
Yo-Yo Blues (Every Day Blues): 288.
Ziegfeld Follies: 112.
Zip Coon: 58-65, 81, 115.
Zimmerman, Ike: 279-282.
Zydeco: 26, 351.

And here are the numbers

6/88 Glide: 256, 331.
12-bar blues: 187, 190-191, 201,
27 Club: 282.
34 Blues (song): 273.
’44 Blues: 31

That, unfortunately, is all folks.