Updated August 31 2021.

‘Roads’ by The Bloody Nerve: Classic Rock magazine’s Track of the Week.

It’s strange how some American artists make it big in Britain first. Jimi Hendrix, the Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde, the Walker Brothers and the band America spring to mind.

Let’s hope Nashville’s The Bloody Nerve follow suit. After fire destroyed their home, studio, recording equipment and possession seven years ago – all uninsured – they’ve bloody earned it.

Now ‘Roads’, a track from The Bloody Nerve’s latest album, ‘All Blood, No Treasure’ has featured as Track of the Week in leading UK music magazine Classic Rock. Here’s how the copy reads:

“The Bloody Nerve – Roads

The latest installment from these Nashville mavericks’ album – the juicily named All Blood, No Treasure – is a gnarly mix of punkoid fire, Dead Weather-esque rock and social disenchantment. Written just pre-COVID, its lyric ’clean up, you’re contagious’ has a certain darkly prophetic feel, with hindsight. “That’s been a pretty spooky lyric lying around,” singer Laurie says. “The song is about the culture wars of the 21st century, but who knew an actual contagion would be flashing shades of that in our world just a few months later?” Classic Rock Magazine.

It’s been a hell of a long road back for The Bloody Nerve. But they’ve kept their nerve and kept going. Here are links to The Bloody Nerve’s latest video, plus the site where you can buy their albums



And here’s a biography I wrote for them a while back …

The Bloody Nerve. A biography

I’ve written numerous official biographies in my time for many bands and artists, from Paul McCartney & Wings for Tony Barrow International, to Gary Moore’s first band Skid Row for CBS, and even Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. So it was interesting getting back into the swing of things, after more decades than I care to remember, writing a biography for The Bloody Nerve.

I knew they had their home and studio totally destroyed by fire last year but I’ve only just discovered they were uninsured. And since their debut album release last November, what better place to start publicising both the new record ‘Taste’ and the new bio than now. Right here. The biography starts below:


Literally rising from the ashes, The Bloody Nerve’s smoking debut album, Taste, now also in vinyl.

The Bloody Nerve’s Stacey, left, and Laurie Ann
Two strangers meet in Nashville airport. It is some connection because, that same April day in 2011, the strangers move in together. It’s that whirlwind a romance – a coupling which, two years later, saw them give birth to … a unique new rock & roll band. They called it The Bloody Nerve.

Though based in Nashville, The Bloody Nerve doesn’t produce your typical Nashville sound. True, sometimes they throw in a country classic, but more often their music is raw Texan blues-rock polished with sophisticated New York vocal gloss. It is a blend uniquely representative of band’s co-founders, Fort Worth’s Stacey Blood and Laurie Ann Layne from Queens, NYC.

First came their romance, working on each other’s individual music projects until, as Blood says, they “capitulated to the obvious” and started cohabitating professionally too. The result was The Bloody Nerve, born February 2013. Their first record, the three-song EP, ‘Red’. A second three-song EP, ‘Blue’, quickly followed. Then, in July 2014, the unthinkable happened.
The Bloody Nerve’s apartment and studio, above, go up in flames


While working on their debut LP ‘Taste’, fire completely destroyed their home and possessions, recording studio and equipment. Being musicians trying to make a go of things, they were not insured.

 It was a bloody disaster, so to speak, but The Bloody Nerve held their nerve. Improvising like crazy, they finished recording under terrible conditions, not that you’d guess, given the quality of the result. Needing to keep their name alive, in November they released ‘Find Your Love’, an ‘unofficial’ single taken from the forthcoming album. Find Your Love features Laurie Ann Layne’s soulful voice to such effect, French TV used it, not once but twice, on the soundtrack of its popular ‘Interventions’ series.
Better watch those matches, Stacey. We don’t want another fire.
Finally, after a year of trauma, heartbreak and even homelessness, The Bloody Nerve release ‘Taste’, on their own Antic Records label. As well as the gentle Find Your Love, the album features its first ‘official’ single, the rocking ‘Place To Hide’, with the duo’s potent vocals kicking up a storm.
So who is this pair from opposite ends of America, now creating 21st century rock in Nashville? Stacey Blood, a former radio drive-time DJ, drives The Bloody Nerve, writing, producing, engineering, mixing, sharing vocals with Laurie Ann, and playing dynamic blues-based electric lead guitar. Blood’s sound is pure Texas grit, in which Laurie Ann’s voice, often compared to Heart’s Ann Wilson, shines like a diamond.
Laurie Ann Layne. She’s already sung on one one gold record

In true democratic style, the couple take turns singing both lead and back-up vocals, their voices intertwining over the 10 songs that make up Taste, including the rocking new single.

The Bloody Nerve working on their single ‘Place To Hide’.

Coming from Texas, rock is in Stacey’s genes. His father, Bobby Blood, an LA session musician, recorded with bands including chart-busting Native-American rockers, Redbone; the flamboyant and androgynous U.S. singer Sylvester; and Canadian hit makers, The Guess Who.

Stacey’s partner, Laurie Ann Layne, also has a wealth of session experience, her vocals shining on soul/R&B queen India Arie’s 2006’s triple-Grammy-nominated chart-topping gold album. Never a pair to waste quality, Stacey and Laurie Ann make the most of Stacey’s accomplished father, with Bobby Blood acting as The Bloody Nerve bass and trumpet player. Completing the five-piece are studio veterans, drummer Peter Wolf from California and Nashville’s Terry Bayless on keyboards.

The Bloody Nerve working on (and working out) ‘Long Way Home’. And below the video, your path to the 12″ vinyl. 

Here’s a piece on The Bloody Nerve I prepared earlier, below: